“Rose” • Written and Narrated by Rob Dircks

“Rose” • Written and Narrated by Rob Dircks

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Hey guys! All I’m going to say about this one is it’s about an old lady named Rose. And it’s another one that’s barely science fiction. And it’s shorty. That’s it. Here we go. Enjoy!

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Written and narrated by Rob Dircks

Rose Hatchard returned home, dead, in a decorative urn chosen by her cousin Fred, her only living relative.

Her ashes would remain in her home for just a short time, though, as the house had to go. Fred was selling it to cover some of Rose’s debts. But for the time being, he thought, old Rose could survey her domain, at peace, from the mantle in the living room. After that, he didn’t know what to do with her. He looked up and patted the small faux marble container. “Well, Rose. Though we didn’t get to know each other in life, it looks like you’ll be staying at my house from now on.”

But there was a catch.

Rose wasn’t in the urn.

To read on, check out Listen To The Signal: Short Stories Volume 1 at Amazon.

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  1. Rik
    | Reply

    Short and sweet is right. So often I feel there are people out there who deserve a second chance. Now where did you say that rambunoni fruit was locatated? 🙂

    • Rob Dircks
      | Reply

      Thanks, Rik! You reminded me how much I loved this little story. But I can’t tell you where to get a rambunoni seed – can you imagine what would happen if the secret got out?

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