“Purgatory” • Written and Narrated by Rob Dircks

“Purgatory” • Written and Narrated by Rob Dircks

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Hey, Rob here. I don’t want to give anything away before you listen to this next story, so I’ll just set it up by saying our protagonist, Tom, is a desperate guy, at the end of his rope, and that the end of that rope might not be as cleanly cut as he expected.

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Written and narrated by Rob Dircks

The end.

Tom knew it was the end. He didn’t want it, but it was the only way. He could never pay back Bronson, not in a million years. So he was dead anyway. A dead man walking.

As he reached the middle of the bridge, he shivered and looked down at the churning water two hundred or so feet below. The suicide provision in his life insurance had expired, so Heather would get the money. If he was going to go, at least he would do it by taking care of her and screwing an insurance company. The thought made him smile as he climbed the barrier, standing on its edge, holding lightly onto the cold railing behind him. The wind whistled through his hair, reminding him of the time they walked over this very same bridge, kissing and laughing while the wind blew their hair into each other’s faces.

He let one hand go to wipe his eyes. Heather. I’m sorry it had to be this way, babe. 

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    Nice story, Rob! Love your narrations. Thanks for sharing.

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