“Bloop” • Written and Narrated by Rob Dircks

“Bloop” • Written and Narrated by Rob Dircks

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Another quickie, almost flash fiction at just 1,000 words, about a mysterious signal received from space. Is it a message, or something else?

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This audio sci-fi short story is now available exclusively in my audiobook, Listen To The Signal: Short Stories Volume 1, available at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. The stories will continue right here each month or so, so if you’d like, subscribe below to be notified when a new episode is published:

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Written and narrated by Rob Dircks

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Hey. I had to share this as soon as I found out. Here, take a listen and tell me what you think it is:


Sounds like nothing, right? Like a sound, like any other sound, that would get lost in the noise if I didn’t isolate it and point it out to you. But it’s not nothing. Oh, it’s the farthest thing from nothing. Here, I’ll play it again, this time slower:


Still can’t guess?

Don’t feel bad, I couldn’t guess either, until Brook told me.

It’s a radio signal. Originating from somewhere other than Earth.

Yes – we are not alone.

To read on, check out Listen To The Signal: Short Stories Volume 1 at Amazon.

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    Great short story! Your narration makes it so believable….poor Brook!

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